We manage our activities in the Netherlands and in the rest of the world from our office in Schiedam.

Modern production companies

Adjacent to our office in Schiedam, we have a production company that creates concentrates intended for export as well as custom productions. Branderij de Tweelingh, where the NOTARIS Jeneverspecialiteiten are distilled, is also located in Schiedam. The Frisian Bolsward is the home base of the famous Sonnema. Since 2001, the majority of the Dutch production and bottling is taking place at Avandis in Zoetermeer, Europe’s largest and most advanced bottling plant. Avandis is a joint venture comprising Herman Jansen and two other Dutch drinks producers.

Available always and everywhere

We introduce our drinks to the market in the Netherlands via a widespread network of wholesalers and off-licences (in supermarkets). Our basic principle is to be available always and everywhere. Good collaboration with our trade partners is of the utmost importance in this. We strive for sustainable cooperation with our trade partners based on trust, respect and mutual advantage.