Who is Herman Jansen?

Herman Jansen is a family business from Schiedam that has been producing spirits since 1777. The Dutch Geneva distillery from back then has developed into a global company. The Herman Jansen of today is active on a global scale and offers a wide, modern range of spirits.

Mix of traditional Dutch and international brands

Herman Jansen is a leading player in the field of spirits. We bring traditional Dutch spirits onto the market, such as Sonnema and NOTARIS Jeneverspecialiteiten, but also famous international brands, such as Mansion House Whisky, Savoy Club, Tribelle Triple Sec and Delaforce Port. It is not only the consumer’s taste experience that changes over time; the way in which it is consumed also changes. Mixes and cocktails are very popular. We provide in this with surprising mixes, such as Berenburg Cola. We do what we have done for generations in a contemporary manner: make drinks that make life more pleasant.

Dedicated craftsmanship and sharp business instinct

Herman Jansen stands for good quality spirits for a decent price. This is the result of a combination of dedicated craftsmanship, sound knowledge, sharp business instinct and a healthy dose of Dutch down-to-earthiness. Creating the right flavour and knowledge of ingredients and production methods allows us to constantly deliver high quality and to continue to further develop our products. You can call it innovation; we call it ingenuity. It not only entails anticipating new market developments, but it also concerns smarter cooperation and work as well as making the most of opportunities. Our business instinct brings us all over the world; our expertise and ingenuity have already been the basis for successful, solid cooperation with trade partners for six generations.

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