Herman Jansen and the society

Herman Jansen and society
As a family business, we feel connected to the products we produce, the people who work for us and the society in which we operate. This connection is a prerequisite for being able to pass on a profitable, sustainable company to the next generation.

Responsible alcohol use

Our drinks are intended to make life more agreeable. They are in keeping with a positive lifestyle if used responsible; in moderation. This means that we are against alcohol abuse, alcohol use in traffic and alcohol use under the lawful age. In the 1950s, we were the first drinks producer that warned against the consequences of using alcohol in traffic with the Dutch jenever brand ‘Kabouter’. Back then, our trucks were already driving around with the slogan ‘Drink Louter Kabouter, maar niet bij snelverkeer’ (only drink Kabouter, but not in fast traffic). Dutch producers and importers of alcoholic drinks are organised in STIVA. STIVA supports information campaigns that stimulate responsible alcohol use and is against alcohol use among youngsters. STIVA has also drawn up advertising standards containing rules and guidelines which all drinks producers comply with.